When creating the most restful and simplest of living environments, Japandi interior design dominates many homes. Yet, nowhere is this style more prevalent than in a Japandi Bathroom. 
One of the most popular bathroom trends for some time now, the Japandi look shows no signs of slowing down in 2023! In fact, we believe the Japandi interior will remain the most sought-after this year as this superb style continues to make design waves.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows you how easy it is to get the Japandi look in your own bathroom.

Who Invented Japandi?

The design referred to as Japandi was created some 155 years ago. Known as its Edo Period, the country of Japan was closed off to many foreigners for almost three centuries. In 1868 as these closed-border policies were finally lifted, a group of Danish creators and designers were able to travel through Japan, taking much inspiration from the vast oriental offerings. Combining their own Scandinavian (Scandi) design alongside their newfound Japanese creations, the term Japandi was born.

What Is a Japandi Bathroom?

A Japandi bathroom is a mixture of a Japanese style and a Scandi style. Japandi blends minimalistic harmony while fusing the oriental style of East meets West. Ultimately, it combines increased functionality alongside superb stylistic traits. The overall result is an effortless aesthetic that can be readily replicated in any bathroom, regardless of size.

The Key Themes of a Japandi Interior

  • A muted colour palette
  • Minimal design features
  • Use of black accents
  • Utilising natural and soft lighting
  • A spacious and uncluttered environment
  • Uses naturally-inspired textures and materials
  • Brings the outdoors in through plants and wood choices

How to Recreate the Japandi Look In Your Bathroom - Japandi Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

  • Keep Your Bathroom Colours Neutral

The Japandi colour palette is composed of calm, harmonious colours that create a balance in the bathroom. The key is to select muted colours that are soft while avoiding overly bright or stark white tones. The best colours here include soft pinks, dusty greys, sumptuous indigos, calm creams, and neutral tones of sand, beige, oatmeal, and taupe. 
Japandi colours are all about softness and light-coloured natural hues. Yet, this doesn't mean they have to be bland. You can customise a specific area of the bathroom with contrasting colours to bring in some rich accent colours. You’ll just need to ensure that the rest of the décor remains muted to ensure that a sense of serene Japandi style remains.
  • Introduce Low-Key Lighting Choices

Japandi Lighting is all about softness and a rich ambience. Therefore, how you light your bathroom should create the most calming, peaceful, and indeed balanced feel. Bathroom lights that enhance the elegance of this décor and create the mood are perfect choices here. 
A Japandi bathroom design will benefit greatly from warm lighting choices, so those that are dimmable are ideal. Likewise, stunning-looking pendant lights, such as those from Hib, are perfect for Japandi-style bathrooms. These not only offer a generous cosy illumination but also benefit from a sleek construction. 
Better still, if you select your lighting choices based on aesthetic beauty, all the while making the most of any available natural light, you’ll further enhance your Japandi-style bathroom.
  • Add An Injection Of Nature

Japandi bathrooms take much of their lead from bringing the outdoors in. Relying heavily on nature and its importance allows for increased creativity when it comes to implementing bathroom ideas in this scheme. 
Greenery is a key element of Japandi so dotting a selection of deep green plants around the bathroom promotes well-being and mindfulness while offering understated decorative pieces for this design. Plants create instant calm while softening bathroom interiors. Yet, they also encourage that spa-like feel while improving the quality of the air.
One of the most accessible and natural of accessories, you can mix up your plants in your Japandi bathroom by placing them at different eye levels throughout while opting for varied sizes, shapes, and styles.
  • Enhance the Japandi Theme Through Your Flooring and Tile Choices

Ultimately, a superb Japandi-style bathroom will boast wall tiles and a flooring selection that combines patterns to produce a textured effect. Textures add unique elements to the Japandi scheme while creating an additional layer of interest. Ultimately, the texture used here will promote a warm welcoming feel especially when those patterns selected are the most exquisite choices. 
Japandi bathroom tiles in the form of striking natural pebble mosaic tiles from the Riverstone sheet collection are a spectacular way of bringing texture to a Japandi wall. Natural looking, each sheet is unique but ultimately promotes a spa-like feel, thus emphasising an utterly mesmerising calm environment.
Finally, our Vinyl Click Flooring Timber collection is the perfect way to incorporate a natural-looking wood effect floor choice. With choices such as Aspen Oak Limed and Warm Smoked Oak, this Japandi flooring will perfectly complete the design creating the most valuable calming sanctuary for all users. 

Tap Into the Japandi Bathroom Trend Using These Key Japandi Themes

It has never been easier to create a Japandi bathroom of your own. With so many of us looking to promote the hygge way of life in all areas of our homes, a Japandi bathroom is a fantastic trendy choice that shows no signs of slowing down. 
If you’re looking to design a Japandi bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.