Directly connected to a bedroom, an ensuite bathroom offers great potential for individuality. Unlike a master bathroom, an ensuite is a personal space that's typically seen and used by just a few people. Because of this, it’s an area where you can be more creative. Here you can make a statement or even use the room as a template for your dream master bathroom. The Bathroom Showroom offers ensuite inspiration to help you create a show-stopping room.

Five Simple but Gorgeous Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

1. Keep Things Streamlined
As this tends to be a smaller room, a streamlined ensuite layout will help create the illusion of space. What’s more, because of its reduced size, a well-planned layout here will help you keep this room clutter-free.
A fabulous way of making the most of space in an ensuite bathroom is by choosing wall-hung units. Wall-hung bathroom suites, like those from iflo Serino and iflo Rhea, are contemporary choices. This means that they work perfectly with many decor types.
Best of all though, because wall-hung units are suspended off the floor, they allow the light to stream beneath them. This makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms as the effect is to make the room seem bigger than it is. Also, because of their elevation, wall-hung units make cleaning your ensuite bathroom quicker and easier. 

2. Consider Installing a Shower Bath

Not all ensuites have room to install a bath. Yet, as one of the best ways to unwind, this is one luxury many of us can't live without. 
You may find yourself having to choose between a shower or bath. So, a shower bath like iflo Rennes could be your best compromise.
A shower bath is simply a bath with a shower but one that is reduced in size when compared to standard bath types. A two-in-one design, the concept is to take up less floor space. Ultimately, a shower bath allows you the best of both worlds, with the option of having both fixtures in your ensuite.
A stunning matching bath screen is the perfect finishing touch to an ensuite shower bath. Protecting your floor, a frameless choice, like the iflo Metz, allows the light to flow through the room uninterrupted.

3. Open up the Space With Fabulous Decorative Lighting and Stunning Mirrors

As a most personal retreat, an ensuite bathroom should provide a luxurious escape. So, a way of adding elegance to this room is through stunning fittings and fixtures. 
Beautiful mirror choices that reflect both your style and that of the light can open up your ensuite. These will create a fresh and clean look while energising the entire room. 
You may choose just one large mirror positioned centrally in your room, like that of the Hib Solstice. Or, you may want to add several mirrors to suit a variety of individual bathroom tasks instead.  
Getting the right light choice in this room can help create a show-stopping display. It can also add the perfect ambience to this room at any time of day. 
A perfect ensuite lighting choice is the Hib Rhythm Ceiling Light. This provides plentiful colour choices as well as playing music.

4. Add in Colour Dashes Through Tile Choices 

Having an ensuite means you can select a colour and pattern scheme that doesn't have to suit the rest of your decor. Neither does it have to please other members of the home!
So, here you can afford to be creative. Why not select colours and patterns to suit your individuality? 
With an abundance of tile designs, The Bathroom Showroom has bathroom tiles to enhance every ensuite bathroom. From Molten Metallics choices like Herringbone Glass and Coffee Stone to eye-catching patterns from the Soleil range. Tiles can be mixed and matched to enhance your bathroom decor to suit.
From a large statement wall to a small tiled area behind the basin or toilet, tiles help inject a touch of personality. With most tile collections offering wall and floor tile choices, the result is a highly-polished premium finish.

5. Treat Yourself to Underfloor Heating

Finally, no ensuite would be complete without the addition of bathroom underfloor heating. Stepping onto a warm bathroom floor during those cold winter months is the penultimate in luxury.
Temperature controlled and energy-efficient, this is one luxury that is gentle on the finances when running long-term. 
However, this heating choice is also better for ensuite bathrooms thanks to its hidden underfloor system. Underfloor heating eliminates the need for radiators. Therefore, it contributes to that sense of a streamlined room. 
Better still, you can install underfloor heating yourself, thus saving money when creating your perfect ensuite.

Create The Ensuite Bathroom Layout of Your Dreams

An ensuite bathroom is a personal haven for many and a room away from the rest of the household. Here you can create a space that wows and remains as individual to your needs as possible.
If you’re looking for help creating a fabulous ensuite bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.