When it comes to creating a dream bathroom, the bathroom suite we choose can make or break our design. With plenty of bathroom suites available, there's something to suit all needs. Yet, with the financial outlay required, this is a long-term investment that needs to be right the first time.
The Bathroom Showroom is the expert when it comes to all things bathroom! So, we’ve compiled a short article that answers the many questions customers have when buying a bathroom suite.

How Much Space Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

The amount of available space you have to work in will determine your choice of bathroom suite. This includes both the size and the shape of your room. Once you've got the measurements of your bathroom, you're in a good position to start designing. This is because you'll understand the requirements and any potential limitations. 
For small bathrooms, this can mean opting for bathroom suites that open up the space, such as wall-hung units. Whereas for large bathrooms this can mean looking at bigger floor-standing units or an increased multi-functionality layout.

Who Will Be Using Your Bathroom?

 A crucial element once you've determined available space is user requirement. This is a top priority because you want to ensure that everyone in the home can enjoy your bathroom space. You may have young children or plan to have children. You may have those who need more accessibility when using this room. Or, it may well be yourself and another adult using the room. Whatever your current situation, all circumstances will need individual consideration.
So, large families may find those bathroom suites that are simplistic, roomy, and easier to navigate more helpful. Whereas those smaller households may want to opt for luxury, prioritising style over space.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Bathroom Suite?

When you've considered the above practical questions, then the fun begins. The style of your bathroom suite is a personal preference and can be matched to suit your dream bathroom requirements. Firstly, the big question is, what is included in a bathroom suite? This answer often depends on the furniture collection in question. 
So, you may find some collections group a toilet, basin, and vanity unit together. Some may offer a toilet, basin, and bath while others include a toilet, basin, and shower. Then you’re left to shop from the complementary furniture available in that range to complete your suite. 
The idea here is to offer scope for choice as not everyone will be looking to add a bath as part of their suite while some won't want a shower. So, it’s a good idea to have in mind what you would like to see as part of your more expensive outlay and get the right complete bathroom suite.
  • What Brands of Bathroom Suites Are Available?
With some fantastic brands available, there's so much scope for selecting a unique bathroom suite brand and collection. iflo offers a complete range of bathroom solutions to satisfy all requirements for this space. Exclusive to The Bathroom Showroom, here you can select from iflo Serinio, iflo Rhea, iflo Herita, iflo Cascada, and iflo Galene. Yet, we also proudly stock industry-renowned names such as Roca, Ideal Standard, VitrA, Geberit, Britton, Atlanta, Heritage, and Burlington to name but a few!
  • What Essentials Do I Want to See in My Bathroom Suite?
With so many collections offering what they consider to be bathroom essentials in their suites, it’s worthwhile noting what you’d like to include as part of your main suite. Then you can look at potentially adding separate items to these main fixtures. The most popular choices for bathroom suites include toilets, basins, vanity units, baths, showers, and storage units. The question is which bathroom furniture do you want and need and which wouldn't be of any use to you.
  • How Much Budget Do I Have?
Another crucial factor when considering a bathroom suite is how much you have to spend. With prices starting from as little as £300, the higher price range of a complete bathroom suite can be around £1,300. One of the largest home purchases for many, a bathroom suite is an investment and will last you for many years.
  • Do You Want to Coordinate Your Bathroom?
We’re regularly asked at The Bathroom Showroom, does a bathroom suite have to match? The answer is not strictly, no, and you’re free to add or change to suit. The decor of your bathroom is entirely a personal preference. Therefore, you can indeed mix and match bathroom suites to your liking.
Yet, most of the bathroom suits we sell are stunning collections that have all the necessary matching fixtures and fittings available. Thus, a uniformed bathroom suite certainly looks spectacular in any bathroom size. 
  • What Style Do I Prefer?
From modern, natural, timeless, and industrial to colour pop, Scandi, marble, and spa-like, there’s a style of bathroom suite to suit every homeowner. Offering you some bathroom inspiration, our style guides can help you navigate how to get the best look when deciding on the best-looking bathroom suite.

Buy a Bathroom Suite with Confidence from the Bathroom Showroom

Hopefully, this short article has answered some of those persistent questions you have about bathroom suites. Ultimately, by being well prepared and understanding what it is you want and indeed need from your bathroom suite, beforehand, you’re better placed to make that most perfect buying decision.
If you’re considering adding a bathroom suite, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.