Though we all need a functional bathroom, it should also be a room we enjoy using. The right balance in this room can create a fantastic vibe. This ensures a place where you’ll want to spend time. The Bathroom Showroom offers no less than five Feng Shui bathroom ideas. These can help you optimise the flow of energy in this room. The result is a practical room where you can effortlessly rest and relax.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the practice of arranging living spaces to create balance with the natural world.
An ancient Chinese philosophy, it uses the energy of items and objects to harmonise the room. Feng Shui can help improve the living environment by organising space better. The result is a continuous flow of energy throughout the room.

The Best Ideas for a Feng Shui Bathroom Layout

 1. Use Several Lighting Choices to Radiate Energy

Lighting is crucial in the bathroom for both functionality and ambience. Yet, when such lighting isn't balanced, it can affect your mood.
Overly bright light overstimulates and irritates those with sensitive eyes. Harsh lighting isn't the most flattering of choices. So, it can leave you feeling demoralised each time you look in the mirror. 
Not enough lighting, however, can also be problematic. Relying on a single fixture can mean insufficient lighting, making tasks very difficult to perform. 
Many of us need several light choices for various bathroom tasks. So, getting the right balance of lighting here can greatly improve well-being. 

2. Give Everything Its Own Dedicated Space

A clutter-free bathroom instantly creates a spacious and calming environment. There’s nothing more stressful than seeing and working in a chaotic, messy bathroom. One of the busiest rooms in the home, bathrooms come under a lot of pressure.
Ensure there is a place for everything used in this room. This is crucial in preventing negativity from taking hold here. The simplest solution is to make storage space a priority when planning your bathroom design. 
Making full use of cabinets, units, and shelves, you can ensure that everything has a place of its own. All bathroom items, no matter how small or insignificant, should be put away. This way you can encourage the natural flow of energy throughout the room. 

3. Separate the Toilet Area For Better Vibes

Where possible, having the toilet separate from the rest of the bathroom enhances the zen of this room. As a toilet washes away water and waste, it can be a big drain for bathroom zen. So, when designing your dream bathroom, consider the position of your toilet area carefully. 
But, if it’s not possible to separate the toilet, you could always look at distinguishing the area around it. We’ve spoken before on the blog about the benefits of using bathroom tiles to create a focal point. So, it’s also possible to separate this area by tiles or screens. 
Additionally, toilet seat Feng Shui means keeping the toilet seat closed when not in use. This promotes cleanliness while preventing the draining of positive energy from the room.

4. Add Luxurious Fittings That Improve Well-Being

A fabulous way of improving your bathroom’s zen is through fixtures and fittings that radiate harmony and balance. The perfect example here is through your shower choice, namely a relaxing showerhead, like the Grohe Rainshower.
Showers that emulate waterfalls bring an element of positivity to any bathroom. This is because they instantly improve well-being. With their superb gentle flow action, they emulate rainfall, putting you in a relaxed state of mind. 
Rain showers also encourage the most relaxing of bathing experiences each time. This means you can both start and end the day calmly and rejuvenated.

5. Keep Several Plants in Your Bathroom for Ultimate Zen

Finally, plants breathe life into a room, bring the outdoors in, and create an energy of their own! Not only does the greenery look pleasant, but plants represent life and growth. Adding an element of nature to our bathroom, it’s little wonder plants are popular bathroom additions. 
Feng Shui bathroom plants symbolise energy as they prevent water from flowing away, using it to grow strong. As living additions, plants have the power to transform a room. They also create a harmonious sanctuary that boasts positive vibes.  
Ultimately, all suitable bathroom plants will lift the look and feel of your room.

A Mindful Bathroom Design Creates Instant Harmony and Balance

Overall, creating a Feng Shui bathroom layout is all about balance. Taking control and being mindful of your layout allows you to make the best of this space.
The result is a fabulous-looking, clear, and calming environment that will benefit everyone.
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