Planning and designing a new bathroom is an exciting task and a great way to get the best from this room. By paying attention to this early stage, you can look at staying on budget while keeping it a stress-free process.
One of the many ways you can aim to do this is by avoiding some of those biggest bathroom design mistakes.
Continuing with our two-part feature, The Bathroom Showroom shares another five most common mistakes made by UK bathrooms. We also show you how to avoid them with expert tips and advice.
1. Not Paying Attention to Detail or Layout 
Many people find that the excitement involved in planning their dream bathroom can take over. Sadly, this often results in a lack of attention to the preparation side of designing. 
Such reduced focus on detail can also mean many bathroom suites are installed in an incorrect order. The result is little room left to move, stand or sit, or even open doors without obstructions.
But, there is an easy way to remedy this common bathroom problem. Simply consider how you'll use your bathroom in the future rather than right now? Then, use this as your starting point. 
You may be designing around an existing bathroom and the layout already makes sense. If not, be sure to get advice from the experts before switching big fixtures and fittings around. This is especially important where basins, toilets, and baths are concerned. 
Plumbing and electrical work in this room can quickly become costly. So it’s advisable to work on what is necessary. Otherwise, look to minor but effective changes for an improved but less costly design process.
2. Forgetting to Add Sufficient Heating Solutions
Another common bathroom mistake is the lack of heating solutions. This not only affects the comfort level but also the performance of this room. 
Not surprisingly, heating solutions are often an issue when planning a bathroom during the warmer months. What isn’t accounted for in summer is just how cold UK bathrooms can become!
Another factor here is anticipating just how much heating is required according to bathroom size. Those smaller-sized bathrooms may well be able to generate enough heat by adding a heated towel rail
However, larger bathrooms will need more than a single heated towel rail for comfort during winter. So too will those bathrooms in older or poorly insulated homes.
A wonderful way to heat a bathroom is to consider adding underfloor heating. This option makes cold winter mornings more bearable for larger bathrooms. Yet, it's also a fabulous space-saving choice for those with smaller-sized bathrooms.  
Ultimately, factoring in practical heating solutions at the design stage keeps costs low. Long-term, it will ensure the perfect cosy environment.
3. Not Accounting For Drainage
Bathroom drainage is certainly a conversation that needs to be discussed very early on. Though not the most pleasant topic, many bathroom mistakes are made regarding it!
Not all existing drainage will work with a new bathroom layout. Yet, you need to be aware of the location of your soil pipes and drainage. These are key factors in helping you to position your toilet, bath, shower, and basin. 
For a good example here, as a rule, there’s a maximum space required between the toilet and the soil pipe. In some bathrooms, you may also need to consider the condition and layout of your bathroom's underfloor joists.  
If your design plans are simply updating an existing bathroom, then you can easily look to replace such fixtures. 
Yet, for a brand-new installation, the plumbing required will need to be considered in line with building regulations. For this, it is best practice to consult a professional to work on your bathroom layout. This will save not just a great deal of money but prevent severe problematic issues later on.
4. Not Adding in Enough Storage Space
A typical bathroom design flaw we often see here at The Bathroom Showroom is bad planning when it comes to storage.
Understandably it’s easy to overlook storage solutions and just how much we’ll need further down the line. But, we all need a place to store items in our bathroom, no matter how small this room is or how few of us use the room. Likewise, storage options are especially important if our families are to grow and/or expand.
From toothbrushes to toilet rolls, accounting for an array of bathroom storage is highly advisable. This will ensure you keep the room clutter-free and everything has its place. Yet, storage doesn't have to be boring! 
From open shelved units to vanity units and wall-hung units to built in cupboards. There are bathroom furniture choices to help you make the most of every inch of your bathroom design. 
Start by considering all the everyday essential items you need and those you want to store in this room. This will help you better understand how much storage your new bathroom will need.
5. Overlooking Ventilation Solutions
Finally, a common and costly bathroom mistake to avoid in a new bathroom design is poor ventilation. Worst of all though is not attempting to add any ventilation whatsoever to this room. 
Undeniably one of the most humid rooms in the home, a quality extractor fan is crucial in the bathroom. This is regardless of the size of your room. The bathroom is an environment where dampness can settle and wreck your beautiful bathroom furniture. But also, high humidity levels are problematic for long-term health.
Humidity increases here the more people use this room. Its appearance is also affected by the size, design, and layout of your bathroom.
Alongside keeping your bathroom window open, good ventilation can clear a bathroom swiftly. This will prevent the room from becoming a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Ultimately, when you work to control your bathroom's humidity levels, you help preserve the life of your bathroom.
Create a Beautiful and Functional Dream Bathroom Design 
By understanding what makes a good bathroom, you can work to avoid such common bathroom problems in the design process.
This ensures a more functional, efficient, and practical bathroom. Not only will it look stunning, but will last you well for many years to come. 
If you want to avoid making similar mistakes, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.